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“THE MOTHER” by Fatma Al Shebani

5 – 7 June, 2018

Featuring works by:

Fatma AlShebani

“The Mother” an interactive installation by Qatari artist Fatna AlShebani, is a reflection on the 1 year anniversary of the blockade against Qatar.

Fatma Alshebani
My Bouqnag, 2015 Limited Edition
Sculpture Resin Lacquered
6 pieces of 1.5mH and 2 pieces of 1mH

The Concept
My Bouqnag
As a tradition in the past the girl used to wear the Bouqnag and to keep wearing it till she got married with its purpose to educate her modesty.
Since my childhood i was touching this black material called “AlMalmal” which was thrown among my small body and it was embroidered by gold and silver around my face falling over my whole body.
I used to comeback late home barefooted and the Bouqnag was dirty full of sands in my hand and sometimes I forget it where i used to play.
I learned how to open it with shyness and covering my face with its small dreams
Today these Bouqnags and my beautiful aliens have a different look as my difference, with which I grow and a hope to keep them alive in my memories forever.

Fatma Alshebani
Batoula, 2013 Limited Edition
Stainless steel with Mosaic Glass
H2 x W2.36 x D1.4meters

The Concept
My Batoula
From the charm of the Arabic history, the Batoula is considered an important part of any women’s dress and accessories. It was a signal differentiating between young girls and older women.
Growing up, I adored older ladies and it was always a pleasure to take a peek under their Batoula to see the faces filled love and motherhood, and of course the purple pigment the Batoula leaves behind on the forehead (allegedly used to protect the skin from ultraviolet light).I never was able to resist when they offer me their Mashmoom smelling candy or bubblegum, and I have always wondered why do they have keys attached and wrapped around the end of their veils.
The Batoula (sculpture) was created while I was revisiting these memories of my childhood, the simpler life and the beautiful faces I have seen covered by a mask that holds behind many stories to tell, especially love stories.