Falah Al-Saeidi

Iraqi artist, Falah Saeedi was born in Babil, Iraq and lived there until 2004 when he had to leave his country and settle in Amman, Jordan. Saeedi began painting at the age of eight, at a young age he was allows to attend the Iraqi Institute of Art during after school hours, encouraging his remarkable young talent. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts with honours. He was a member of Iraqi Artist Union and the Society of Iraqi Plastic Artists. In 1990 He participated in the Festival of Arab Cooperation Council.

Saeedi had his first personal exhibition at the Hall of the Institute of Fine Arts in1995, with a second exhibition in 1998. As the demand for his work grew, Saeedi decided to leave the limiting surroundings of his country and move on to Amman where he was exhibited often as a professional artist. 

In his artistic practice Saeedi reflects a unique ability to transform reality with all its contradictions into a harmonious place and time framed on a canvas. Today his work can be found all over the region of the Middle East. Falah Saeedi presently lives and works in the United States of America where he moved in 2013.

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