Ebtisam Al-Saffar

Ebtisam Al-Saffar received her BFA from Qatar University in the mid 1990’s. In her paintings, Al-Saffar employs a signature technique, of using vibrant bursts of color to reflect a sense of empathy and spirit from her subjects. Most recently, she has composed a series of portraits featuring women, illustrating the societal roles they play as nurturers of life and development.

Al-Saffar also collaborated with the fashion brand Qela, seeking to introduce a link between fashion and her arts practice.  Her work was first exhibited in the mid-1990’s in Qatar. Since then she has exhibited her artworks widely in a number of different countries including, Qatar, Oman ,France, Japan and Belgium.  Ebtisam Al-Saffar lives and works in Doha.

The Remaining Face

Source Exhibition