Abeer Al Kuwari

Abeer Al Kuwari, a self-taught, Qatari artist based in Doha, draws on diverse disciplines including photography, painting, and sculpture to convey a contemporary perspective on identity, folklore, and heritage. As the first female member of the Qatar Photographic Society, she gained recognition for her film portraits, earning the Saoud Al Thani Award for Photography in 2004.

An Artist in Residency at Doha Fire Station Artist-in-Residence In 2016, she began to experiment with different mediums, including painting and sculpture. Focusing on Qatari fairytales and folklore, she reinterprets iconic characters in her own unique style, sharing this rich and vibrant storytelling heritage with the next generation. Widely exhibited, Al-Kuwari’s recent series featured “negative painting,” a blend of her roots of photography with mixed media, which was presented by the al markhiya gallery in the exhibition, “Perplexity” in 2019.

Returning to the Doha Fire Station in 2021 for the Alumni Residency Program, Al Kuwari continued developing these themes. In her more recent compositions, she portrays the people and culture of Qatar through an abstracted lens, raising questions dealing with beauty and identity in the face of modernity.

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