Abdallah Akar

Abdallah Akar Born in Tunisia andmoved to France in the late 1960’s to pursue his studies in scienceat Paris VII University. In 1980hemet and trained under the Master Iraqi calligrapher, Ghani Alani. Akar has studied and trained in theart of calligraphy for nearly thirty years, and has taught at the Institut du Monde Arabe since 1993.As apainter and calligrapher,Akardraws his inspiration from Arabic and Western poetry (Mahmoud Darwish,Omar Al Khayyam), employing a luminous palette with a balanced mix of writing and colour, on materials asdiverse as textile, wood and iron. Akar exhibited for the first time in 1986. Since his first exhibitionhis work has been shown in Europe and the Middle East in several solo and group presentations.

In early 2000, he realized a powerful installation of 16 textiles richly decorated with calligraphy, a tribute to Pre-Islamic poetry, which he followed in 2007 with a publication of “Poème Suspendu” (Mu’Allaqât), edited in both French and Arabic languages, (cf. Editions Alterna). According to tradition these poems were originally written on silk weavings that hung suspended and floating on the walls of the Kaaba. Written before the Koran, the poems are considered among the founding texts of Arabic language and culture.  All the great Arabic poets are represented in Akar’s work: from Ibn Arabî to Nizar Kabbani, from Ibn Al-Roumi to Abou-el-Kacem Chabbi to the renowned Mahmoud Darwich – Akar celebrates all of them in his art, on paper as well as on canvas. He currently lives and works in Paris.

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