Salim Mathkour


Salim Mathkour

1968, Iraq

Salim Mathkour was born in southern Iraq in the city of Al-Emarah, known as “the Iraqi village.”
He later moved to Aman Jordan where he began to exhibit his early efforts in painting. While there, he emerged as a celebrated teacher of painting and a notable new talent.
In 1999 Salim moved to Qatar and has lived and worked from there ever since. Salim’s style is realistic and yet, also has a sense of poetry and dreams woven throughout his compositions. he continually searches for originality through texture and deep emotional content in his painting style. Salim’s practice reflects his sensitivity for pure feeling, supported in a strong foundation of painting. His watercolour works have been exhibited internationally in presentations as far away from the Middle East as Mexico and Canada.

Radiant Darkness

Before and After