Issa Halloum


Issa Halloum

1968, Lebanon

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The landscapes and interior scenes that make up Issa Halloum’s compositions are expertly crafted using multiple blocks of colour that, when set side by side evoke the subtle vibrations of natural light. His unique style emits an overall sense of calm tranquillity, enticing the viewer to come closer and explore his subjects in more depth.

Utilizing a colour palette that is rich and harmonic with tones both vibrant and soft, Halloum applies paint in a heavy textural manner. His paintings echo with reverberations of natural elements; sun, wind and water, but each work glows from a foundation of an ineffable sense of light – connecting the viewer back to his source – the subtle beauty of nature.

Issa Halloum studied in Beirut and has received his diploma at the Lebanese University, Institute of Fine Arts and also at the Academia di Berra Milano, Italy.  His works have been exhibited widely in Beirut, Kuwait, the UAE, and Milan