Hayyan Monawar


Hayyan Monawar

Doha, Qatar

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Palestinian artist, Hayyan Monawar incorporates textures, metaphors and symbols in his emotive compositions, which explore oppressively confined physical and emotional landscapes. Influenced by the ongoing repression of Palestinians, Monawar contrasts claustrophobic environments against the resilience of human ambition in a struggle to overcome the barriers, which hold them back from a wider horizon and the possibility of creative, and intellectual freedom.

Monawar considers his subjects as heroes of the experiment – his compositions use charcoal and rich embellishments of gold to tell a universal story of the human struggle between repression and freedom. The contrast of the two mediums, illustrate the dream of attaining a wider spiritual horizon when confronted by the darkness of oppression.

Hayyan Manwar is a Palestinian fine artist and digital designer, originally from Qatar. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, Syria in 2004. He has gravitated to painting and drawing since his childhood, turning every composition into a private world of his own design.
Hayyan returned to Qatar after his graduation where he works as a digital designer and fine artist.

Monawar’s experiences studying the exacting practice of digital design led him to consider and research boundaries and obstacles, both physical and metaphorical, a study that continues on until today. His compositions illustrate the human need to combat a world of walls in order to be able to live and move freely both in mind and in body.