Hassan Manasrah


Hassan Manasrah

1980 - Amman Jordan

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Hassan Manasrah is a visual artist, printmaker, sculptor, comic creator and writer. He began his artistic practice in Amman, Jordan in 2000; studying applied arts and specialising in interior design at Al-Balqa Applied University. Later he studied painting at the Jordanian Fine Art Center while concurrently he was working in an animation studio.

Driven to consistently create, he has worked with a variety of mediums throughout his practice. He supplemented his studies with workshops at the Jordan National Museum of Fine Arts, where he gained skills in lithography and working with a wide array of materials from zinc and copper, to lino and mono prints.

His first solo exhibition, titled “Urban Mood” was mounted in 2006. From 2007 to 2019, Hassan Manasrah’s artwork was included in group exhibitions presented in Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

Manasrah’s illustrations for the children’s book, “The Blue Pool of Questions”, won him the Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature (for illustration) in 2016, while “Nostalgia”, another book he also illustrated, won the Children’s Book of the Year by the same award in 2018. This was followed by an exhibition in 2019 at the Doha Fire Station in Doha, Qatar where he was also an artist in residence.

Manarah’s work is focused on the human experience. Humanity always stands at the center of his narrative, informed by existential questioning. He sees his work as akin to a mirror, which derives its presence and energy from what it reflects. His process, while personal, is consciously planned in millions of ridiculous and important overlapping ways, from lines, curves, and colors, to faces, situations, and landscapes and is fuelled by his daily practice of drawing in his ever-present sketchbooks.

He moved to Doha in 2017 in order to widen his artistic vision