Fatma Al Shebani


Fatma Al Shebani

1971 - Doha, Qatar

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Qatari Contemporary artist, Fatma Al Shebani received her BFA from Qatar University in 1994. Working with sculpture and painting, Al Shebani employs traditional Qatari motifs in her artistic practice giving them a new vision. Working with important symbols, such as the Bukhnuq and the Batoula as subject matter, she explores contemporary ideas drawn from Qatari traditions. Symbolising the the important transition between childhood and maturity for women, the Bukhnuq is a veil worn by girls before marriage, after marriage, women would wear the Batoula – both these items are an integral part of women’s attire in the GCC.

Her first group exhibition was, “Langages du Désert” at Institut du Monde Arab in Paris.  Al Shebani has since exhibited in France, Germany, and throughout the Arab World. She is a member of the Qatar Fine Arts Society, Girls Creativity Center and the Visual Art Center.

“I am a rebel when it comes to art, innovation and creating new things. Most of my artwork has come from traditional concepts because I believe that through this kind of artwork, the younger generations in Qatar will still be able to visualise the culture of the past.”

Fatma Al Shebani lives and works in Doha, Qatar.