Ali Hassan


Ali Hassan

1956, Qatar

Ali Hassan was born in Doha in 1956 and is considered one of Qatar’s most celebrated artists. Beginning his training as a calligrapher 1972, while working for numerous local newspapers he continued his studies, attending a workshop at the University of Lovan in Belgium in 1984 and graphic arts courses in Cairo in 1986. Hassan experimented with multiple forms of media, to create his signature style of semi-abstract compositions, mixing vibrant colors with calligraphic and other forms.

He explored his fascination of the Arabic letter nūn for over two decades, producing an enormous body of work, ranging from traditional black and white Arabic calligraphy, to watercolor compositions, and sculptures. Most recently, Hassan has explored the formal and spiritual qualities of letters and texts, through installation art.

Ali Hassan has exhibited internationally, including a solo presentation in Tokyo and group shows in Zurich, Paris and New York. His work is held in many prestigious museum collections worldwide. A self-taught artist, he received a BA degree in history from Qatar University in 1982. He presently lives and works in Doha, Qatar.